Housing project for tsunami-affected people and needy families at Gurulanda-Batulanda.

Description of the project

  1. -108 houses

- Community Center

  1. -Pre-school facility

- Six classrooms of the existing school are extended

  1. -A mobilized community with trained community members is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the facilities

Marc Zamparo Architects has conducted the team to reach the objectives through a planning and design guideline especially developed including regularly analyses and critical of the different propositions of the University.

They decided to invite the University to collaborate on the development of the project. The goal of this collaboration is to give the opportunity to the students and the college of professors to participate in the reconstruction and to follow a concrete process of construction.

The University of Moratuwa has got a faculty of architecture, a faculty of sociology and a faculty of town planning which are experienced. The University has the necessary knowledge to provide a helpful collaboration in the reconstruction. 

Moreover this concept gives the University the possibility to put into practice his capacities.

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GUBA 108 habitations pour des populations rurales affectées par le tsunami en 2004, Sri Lanka